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Key highlights

The Toshiba Customisable User Interface is a smartphone-like touch screen that can be customised on an individual basis. The desired design can be chosen from 16 different background types. The appropriate font size and colour for the background can be selected on the Home Screen, with almost all screen being customisable into designs of your choice. Choose from 8 different colour themes, with icons able to be shown or hidden, based on the workflows.

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Your Challenges

Your Challenges
  • Various workflows are needed because different tasks must be done by different divisions and individuals in the same company.
  • MFPs shared by a number of members have a lot of functions to perform these tasks. That’s why operations may be complicated and cumbersome.
  • I wish the user-friendly control panel could be customised for individual tasks.

Our Solutions

  • The Toshiba Customisable User Interface (UI) allows you to change the backgrounds and colour themes to your desired ones.
  • Change icon names and sizes, as well as the font sizes and colours for ease of operation.
  •  Function icons not in use can be hidden.
  •  The operation screen is simplified to improve operational efficiency and to allow the administrator to control the use of MFPs.
Your Challenges

The Toshiba MFP UI can be easily customised by the administrator or user. You can choose your favourite Home Screen and Simple UI from 16 types  of backgrounds. For better viewability and operability, you can also choose the appropriate number of icons, font sizes and colours for the background on the Home Screen.

You can choose a colour theme to apply on almost all screens, from 8 types based on your preference and for better viewability. Icons not in use in the UI can be hidden to simplify the screen and improve operational efficiency. By hiding operations that are not desired to be used, the administrator can control the use of MFPs.

When the UI is customised in a user-friendly way based on the workflow and preference of each user, operational efficiency is improved.

  • In addition to 13 types of default designs, another 3 types of your choice can be registered.
  • This function can be customised on an MFP basis, not a user basis.
Toshiba Customizatoin

The customisable UI will help any company that handles, stores and shares a large amount of information to realise improvements in operational efficiency in each workflow.

  • General Office

– Operational efficiency is improved with the customised user-friendly UI.

– Colour themes, font sizes and colours can be prepared for employees with visual disabilities to easily recognise.

  • Education

– The use of MFPs is controlled to display only the functions that are opened to students.

The Toshiba customisable UI helps you enhance business competitiveness by improving operational efficiency. Stay ahead, Stay with Toshiba.

Toshiba Customizatoin