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e - Suite

Highlights and Features

The e-Suite features a host of innovative solutions. It enables you to track and control copy, fax and scan jobs, and perform secure print release via the Toshiba MFP. View the range of highlights and features below:

  • The e-Suite lets you tackle the ineffective use of resources due to unnecessary printing and administration.
  • Manage inaccurate chargeback to various departments due to unaccounted print usage by unknown users.
  • The e-Suite gives you full control and allows you to manage your entire organisation’s printing system while enhancing security and reducing overhead costs.
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Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Your Challenges

It is observed that IT staff and key users spend a significant amount of time fixing printing issues, ordering consumables such as toners, or submitting meter readings. Such activities take up a lot of time which could be otherwise focused on their core job responsibilities.

Additionally, it was not an uncommon issue for anyone to view unclaimed printed documents sitting on the MFP’s output tray when passing by, which becomes a financial and security issue. Worse still, it could prove disastrous if confidential documents are misplaced or someone accidentally accessed them from an unauthenticated MFP.

Some users may tend to overlook and print unrequired internal documents, such as emails, notes, or drafts in colour. This results in a lack of control which can lead to significant expenditure on colour printouts which cost more than black and white printouts.

It is also observed that most users still adopt a local printer approach instead of sending confidential print jobs to MFPs. This creates a larger print estate and leads to increased business overhead costs.

Our Solutions

With the integration of Toshiba e-Suite e-Bridge Open Platform Technology, Toshiba MFPs provide a user-friendly embedded user interface for secure print release, copy, scan, fax and card registration to all individual users. Users can view their individual quota balance of black/white and colour prints, helping them to carry out their print activity more effectively.

Its powerful device management feature enables the administrator to discover Toshiba’s MFPs in the network and configuring/adding to the managed device list with ease.

In addition, Toshiba e-Suite serves as a medium to capture logs and counters from its MFPs. These reports provide insights into the usage pattern of users and MFPs.

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

The feature allows all registered users to print from any e-Suite enabled MFP. This means that only registered users can successfully authenticate a Toshiba MFP. This reduces the chance of missing/uncollected print-outs and waiting times.

Ease of management:

Toshiba e-Suite provides a single web administration interface which enables user and device management, reducing overall management time and allowing employees to focus on their core job responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.


The pull-printing (eFollow) feature brings the information security of an organisation to a higher level and eliminates information theft.

Cost Transparency:

The MPS implementation allows customers to have easy and simple control over all their document outputs, with a reporting mechanism providing greater visibility of their overall printing expenditures.


The floor plan feature allows customers to have an overview of their print fleet with one glance, thereby creating a right-sized print estate. This helps the customer to deploy the right solution fit to be used in the right place, at the right time. With that, the customer can minimize costs and achieve an excellent return on investment.

Partner Solutions

Print Management & Scan Workflow Solutions

Toshiba has partnered with a range of affiliated companies providing print management solutions that are fully vetted to be used in collaboration with our MFPs. From USB card readers, to print management and scan workflow solutions, these useful software programmes can be fully integrated to further optimise your digital workflow and office productivity.

Print Management & Scan Workflow Solutions

PaperCut is a easy-to-use print management and scan workflow solution that minimizes paper waste and secures an easy printing experience. Printing becomes an effortless task, with printing made possible from a mobile device or BYOD, all the while auto-deploying print drivers for you.

Print Management & Scan Workflow Solutions

MyQ is a print management solution that helps businesses reduce the costs of printing, featuring a time-saving personalised display. Its scan workflow solution boasts functionality that works through automated connectivity from the MFP to the personalised scan destination folder.

Print Management & Scan Workflow Solutions

Ysoft SafeQ is an enterprise print management solution that assists organisations in reducing printing costs, increasing the security and compliance of documents, enabling improved productivity, and being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly by minimizing the impact of printing.

Partner Solutions: Card readers, contactless readers/writers, and badge readers

Toshiba's partnership with the below companies has ensured that our clients can seamlessly utilise card readers, badge readers and more when paired with our MFPs. View the list of partner solutions below.

Partner Solutions: Card readers, contactless readers/writers, and badge readers

Elatec's TWN4 card reader and writer series allows its users to read and write to a host of tags and labels, such as 25kHz/134.2kHz and 13.56MHz. This new generation is an upgrade to the TWN3 family, with the same mechanical dimensions (OEM PCB and Desktop Housing).

Partner Solutions: Card readers, contactless readers/writers, and badge readers

RF IDeas offers pcProx® Enroll, pcProx® Plus, and Wiegand devices. The ID Card Reader System can be used as a standalone system or it can be integrated with other software applications using the optional Software Developer's Kit (SDK). Access control readers and credentials by RD IDeas utilise low-frequency 125kHz proximity band and/or high-frequency 12.56MHz contactless band.