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Toshiba e-STUDIO6525AC


Today’s new hybrid work environment demands that information is available and accessible from anywhere at any time for organisations to be efficient and productive. Yet it needs to be secure. Toshiba’s cloud ready products and our team of experts provide the solutions your business needs to improve workflow and print smarter. Utilising the latest technological advancements and security standards, we provide the end-to-end solutions to help you seamlessly and securely navigate today’s digital workplace from consulting, cloud migration, fleet management, implementation, and technical support.
  • Copy, Print, Scan and Email
  • Ideal for small to medium sized workgroups
  • Industry leading intuitive 10.1” customisable  tablet-like display
  • Patented ASICs provide superb clarity and rich text renditions in all scanning, printing and copying jobs
  • Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi print resolution
  • Modular design for flexible customisation

  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Specifications
  • Manuals & Drivers

Features & Benefits

Advanced e-BRIDGE Next Technology

Toshiba’s next-generation e-BRIDGE architecture features an embedded web browser, 4 GB RAM and the Toshiba Secure Solid-State drive (SSD) enabling the MFP to easily drive Toshiba’s internally developed solutions or even third-party applications.

Anytime, Anywhere

With advances in DX (Digital Transformation) and the promotion of remote work, information and data must be accessible and usable anytime, anywhere.

TOSHIBA’s new MFP series uses the cloud to integrate cyber space and the work place so information and data can be stored, accessed, and used securely and efficiently, empowering customers and contributing to the creation of new value.

Standard OCR

OCR is now standard on all the new models to help you accelerate your digital transformation journey.

It is available for all native scan functions and embedded applications. Not to mention that it is 23% faster than its predecessor with improvements to character recognition and layout for easy editing in docx, xlsx & pptx formats.

Peace of Mind Solid Security

Toshiba offers various options for securing your data and documents to help you meet today’s increasing digital challenges.

These security measures fall into three main categories:

  • Access security – e.g. role-based access, PIN or card authentication
  • Document security – e.g. secure PDF, secure print release, hard copy security
  • Device security – e.g. Self-Encrypting SSD or FIPS Certified Security HDD, BIOS level security, TPM 2.0  and anti-malware


All e-BRIDGE Next models fulfil the highest security standards to protect your data from unauthorised access, conform with the Hardcopy Devices Protection Profile (HCD-PP).

Ready When You Are

To save power yet reduce the wait time, there are now 4 triggers to wake up the devices from sleep mode. These include:

  • When you activate the MFP with ID Card Authentication
  • When you touch LCD or any keys
  • When you lift document feeder or platen
  • When you place documents in the document feeder

Next Level Efficiency

The new series’ enhanced integration with cloud services and mobile devices, makes it easier for each user to access information and data anytime, anywhere, as needed.

An extra advantage is that administrators can manage and maintain devices remotely, improving their efficiency as well as that of users.

Seamlessly Connect With Your Business Platforms

Streamline your everyday tasks with ease through Toshiba’s innovations in embedded app technologies and connect directly with popular cloud and on-premise platforms right at the panel.

For more information, browse thru our solutions apps.

Product Specifications


Imaging Technology
Laser Printing (2 beam laser )
Control Panel
10.1" LCD Colour Touch-Screen
SSD Self-Encrypting Drive (Std/Max)
128 GB / 640 GB (with option)
Memory (RAM)
Paper size & weight
Drawer - A3-A5R 60-300gsm Stack Feed Bypass - 320 x 460mm - 100 x 148mm 52-300gsm
Max Paper Capacity (STD/MAX)
1200 sheets (A4 size) / 5200 sheets (A4 size) with option
Warm-Up Time
Approx. 20 seconds after powering on
From Sleep Mode
Less than 12 seconds
Dimension & Weight
W585 x D641 x H787mm / 76.6kg


Copy Speed (Mono/Colour)
55 / 55 cpm (A4 size) 27 /27 cpm (A3 size)
Original Scan Speed
Max 50 sheets/min (A4 size) via RADF. Max 70 sheets/min (A4 size) via DSDF
Printing Resolution (B&W)
600 x 600 dpi 5bit / 2400 dpi (Equivalence) x 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Printing Resolution (Full Colour)
600 x 600 dpi 5bit
Max. Original Size
Multiple Copy Qty
999 copies
First Copy Time (B&W)
Less than 4.3 seconds (A4 size)
First Copy Time (Full Colour)
Less than 5.6 seconds (A4 size)


Printer Speed (Mono/Colour)
35 / 35 ppm (A4 size) 18 / 18 cpm (A3 size)
Printing Resolution (B&W)
600 x 600 dpi 5bit 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi 2bit (PS Driver), 3600 dpi (Equivalence) x 1200 dpi
Printing Resolution (Colour)
600 x 600 dpi 5bit 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi 2bit (PS Driver), 3600 dpi (Equivalence) x 1200 dpi
Supported PDL
Supported Systems
Windows 8.1/10/11/Server 2012/R2 (32/64 bit) Server 2016/2019/2022 (64 bit)/ Web Service Print. Mac OS 10.12 - 10.15/11/12. Solaris (SUN) / HP-UX / AIX (IBM) / Linux / Citrix
Print Functions
Universal Printer Driver, Driver Templates, Driver plug-ins*, Print from USB, Hold print, Tandem printing, E-mail direct printing
Mobile Printing
e-BRIDGE Print & Capture, AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Google Cloud Print


Connection Type - Network
Ethernet RJ45
Scan Speed
Up to 240ipm (300dpi) for monochrome or colour with DSDF
File Format
JPEG, Multi/Single Page TIFF/XPS/PDF, Secure PDF, Slim PDF, PDF/A (A-1, A-2), Searchable PDF (and other formats like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX (option))*
Scan Functions
WS Scan, Scan to USB, Scan to E-Mail, Scan to File (SMB, FTP, FTPS, IPX/SPX, Local), Meta Scan*, OCR scan*, Scan to Box (e-Filing), WIA, TWAIN


Super G3, G3 - (optional 2nd line), Internet Fax T.37
Transmission Speed
33.6kbps - 2.4kbps (Automatic fallback)
Fax Memory
1GB Transmission / Reception
Driver for Windows 11/10/8.1/Server 2012 R2 (64 bit), Windows Server 2016/Server 2019/Server 2022 (64 bit)
Incoming Fax Routing
To shared folders (SMB, FTP, IPX/SPX), E-Mail, e-Filing

Manuals & Drivers

Name File Size  
e-STUDIO Copy Guide File Size9 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Copy Guide (ARABIC) File Size18 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Copy Guide (TURKISH) File Size30 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Quick Guide File Size2 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Quick Guide (ARABIC) File Size8 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Quick Guide (TURKISH) File Size7 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Print Guide File Size7 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Print Guide (ARABIC) File Size29 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Scan Guide File Size4 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO FAX Guide File Size6 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO AirPrint Guide File Size919 KB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Windows Universal Print Driver (Recommended ) File Size151 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO V4 Print Driver File Size72 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Mac Print Driver File Size10 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Safety Information File Size1 MB DownloadDownload
e-STUDIO Safety Information (ARABIC) File Size4 MB DownloadDownload
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